DC Shim Sham

The Dean Collins Shim Sham with Joel and Alison

Dean Collins Shim Sham

Learn to dance the Dean Collins Shim Sham with Joel Plys and Alison Scola. The Dean Collins version of the shim contains many embellishments over the original shim sham including lots of fancy footwork.

The lessons in this app completely break down the Dean Collins Shim Sham including tricky and interesting steps like Savoy Kicks, the Suzy Q, Tabby the Cat and more! In addition to being an integral part of the Dean Collins Shim Sham, these moves will spice up your solo and partner dancing.

In addition to video lessons that break down the steps this app includes the complete dance demonstrated both from the front and back so you can dance along, and includes a closeup of the footwork.